Direct Digital Control / Automation Systems

The concept of temperature control started out as a simple idea of a damper, some chain and a lever. The systems of today are highly sophisticated machines which can maintain temperatures within a tenth of a degree. Energy management and temperature control systems have become almost synonymous. Energy management systems weren’t really developed until World War II. The need for a central control system which could work through the existing temperature control system became vital to the war effort. The critically importance of conserving of all the nation’s natural resources became a national past time. After the war conservation improvement techniques were slow to develop. It wasn’t until the 1973 oil embargo that energy management systems and temperature control systems became those systems of today.

These operating systems of a building are essential to the performance of its facilities. Occupant comfort is important when designing a control system. TSS can design, install and maintain a control system to meet your needs. We are a multi-manufacturer distributor and installer and can provide you with the controls that best fit your facility. We have the capability to update and control a single room, an entire building, or a number of buildings in one geographical area. TSS also has the ability to control a number of buildings spread across the country. We will provide peace of mind in regard to your control system, whether electric, pneumatic or direct digital control, while improving the environment for your employees and customers.