Construction Management Services

TSS will help you obtain maximum value for your construction dollar by providing Construction management services. By becoming an integral part of your team in all phases of your project, TSS will complete your project on time and within your budget, maintaining quality as our top priority. TSS will be there for you to plan, design, construct and evaluate your project. TSS has never failed to complete a project on time and within budget. TSS has never had a non-customer change order or project cost overrun. We understand project costs and how to manage construction projects to minimize cost overruns. TSS employs a teamwork approach to construction management based on the customer's requirements. TSS is an equal partner with the customer in meeting project goals. TSS provides several core services for the customer.

We have years of experience in providing costing, planning, building and delivery of projects to our customers. This expertise combined with local market knowledge provides the information needed for our customers to make the cost effective decisions prior to start of their projects versus the budget breaking surprises during the construction. TSS's ultimate goal is to bring the project on-time, within budgeted costs, while delivering & high quality project for the customer.