Design - Build Services

Single source design / build services provided by TSS can result in a building designed and built to meet your spe­cific needs. TSS will work closely with your design team, gathering cost justi­fications and implementing strategic planning for your project. Whether re­modeling, new construction, or addition work, TSS will be a key component in the success of your project. TSS will assist you the in developing members of the design team so as to maintain the proper comfort and confidence level.

Every member of the design build team (including building owner, architect, structural engineer, civil engineer, mechanical and electrical contractors, and general contractor) will participate in design meetings and reviews so that everyone's point of view is considered. This type of teamwork will provide the owner with best in class design at the most affordable price. In every step of the pre-construction process, TSS will guide you and explain alternatives and choices in materials and building methods to arrive at the solution that best fits your needs. The result is a project built with one goal, one vision and one satisfied customer.